Friday, 30 January 2009

Magic Mushrooms!

Only a few days ago I came across the most incredible felt woodland artist; fair enough, how many of those do you see? Probably quite a lot on Etsy. Anyway, Posh Plushies create tiny worlds that lots of us would like to live in but if we all did, it wouldn't be the idyllic fairy filled place, just estates of multistorey toadstools and we'd all want to move out. I think they're best left in the mind of Marie (I've no idea if she's posh).

I'm desperate for one of her pin cushions and would want it covered in her snail topped pins (all sounding like a Heston Blumenthal dish).

You can find these fabulous fungi on

You can imagine then, how I must feel to see that on Marie's blog she's included me in her own collection of Valentine treats - go see

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I'm very excited about my new drawstring bags......The other night when I was watching 90210 (just marvelous!) I decided to make Toby a new travel toy bag and was possessed with the idea of wind up robots so I made him a bag with a fab-u-lous tartan one on. The next day it had an outing and was admired so I thought, why deprive the world of Boobots? So heres the first. I think hes lovely. Am in the middle of making a pink floral Boobot, I won't say she as thats just too narrow minded!


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Go look! well you looked! Thank you Delia for lovin' You're my cup of tea enough to include it on your Valentines selection.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Mad about the boy

So, February - Valentine's Day approaching and all you can think about is what you're going to, chocolates, hideous underwear. But what about the boys?

We don't do Valentines Day in the house of Tobyboo because February is a huge month for everything else, my birthday, our anniversary, we found out I had a Toby inside the 14th gets ignored.

I started thinking desperately what to make that you lovely ladies (I'm just presuming no men read this) could get for the fella in your life......keyrings! If you don't like the idea please blame Viv Richards who came up with the thought. Personally I think it was a good one and I'm pleased with the tiny results. Still based on the love letter idea that I shall milk for every occassion now!

Here they are, the Baby U can drive my car keyring and Key to my heart keyfob. I can only apologise for not fitting in the word 'you' but it was hard enough to fit what I did on 5cms.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Handbags and Gladrags

Once upon a time I made handbags (yes, I know its all been rambled about before) anyway one of them was sold to my lovely friend Helen. Mrs Cheevers now has 2 gorgeous daughters and her eldest, Miss Lily has taken a liking to her mothers rather expensive Twinkle handbag for carrying round her juice and snacks.
So, inspired by her, I have made the Lily bag, a cute daughter version of a Twinkle at a fraction of Twinkle prices, ready to have raisins and rice cakes at the bottom.

Here modelling two of the Lily bags are Miss Lanabanana and Miss Abigail. Both bags will be listed very soon.
The bags are made from recycled jeans and are lined in gold glam shabby chic!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Lighting strikes twice!

Blimey! Didn't think I'd ever see Tobyboo on the front page once let alone twice but today I got a lovely lovely shock when I saw this.
This marvelous treasury was collated by Niftyknits a rather mad meercat maker thank you Heather!

Hold the front page!

So, I managed it. The Etsy front page - where everyone I know has been but not me. Yesterday my Love Letter got over 300 clicks in 2 hours, all very strange as it's taken about three months for anything else to get that many fingers going and then hoopla! I was sent the link to prove that I indeed was on the sacred front page......oh the power! Any sales? No, course not! But lots of clicks, I love the clicks!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Toby, my boo....

Just very sad to hear about Tony Hart, I wouldn't be doing what I do now if it wasn't for watching him. I met him once about 10 years ago when he was presenting the Art Box Bunch and he was lovely, frail but lovely. I worked in television for a long time and met lots of famous people but the only time I've ever felt star struck and shaked because I was so excited was meeting him.

In the 70's and 80's presenters like Tony Hart made art not only entertaining but gave you the inspiration to think that you could do it for a career. Who'd have known that years on I'd be working on SMart (Take Hart's poor relation) coming up with the makes; but it would never be the same as kids watching an incredible artist doing his own work and inspiring you - not just giving you the ingredients to build what they tell you to.

Children's TV has never been the same and it's a very sad loss all round........

Friday, 16 January 2009

Love letters straight from my heart.......

So, Love is in the air, love love love, blah blah blah....... Tobyboo has leapt into the spirit of Hallmark (or Paperchase) and created some ever so nice keepsake thingamebobs.

Feel free to look at them or even buy - Love isnt all you need or I wouldn't be selling these for cash would I?

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Well this was the last thing I made - for Miss Holly Smith, a shoe bag for her first pair of shoes.

The lovely Holly was one last week and started walking on Christmas Eve. In the house of Tobyboo we're still waiting for ours to make those precious and yet clumsy first steps from Toby aged 14 and a half months.

Toby now has his second pair of shoes and still isn't walking, I'm sure in the toddler world (although I can't call him a toddler seeing as he isn't toddling) he gets bullied and yet doesn't fit in with the tiny babies..... So I've now turned into one of those worrying mothers that compares hers to other children. Toby can do two very exciting things: jabber for Baby Gap and dance like no ones watching (although of course everyone is) His favourite artists and songs seem to be Rhianna, 'Walk this Way' (no, not the Girls Aloud nonsense one) and judging from the dancing Christmas tree, Wings with 'Wonderful Christmas Time'. Toby does also dance to alarms (alarms not The Alarm)

So, I'm watching him now thinking any minute now he might take that giant leap but he's just shaking his head......hey ho.......

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Who to blame....

Making things for friends is one thing but who do I blame for inflicting it on everyone else? Ah, thats easy.......Hidden Eloise (why she stays hidden who knows but apparently you can find her in the woods - go see for yourself)

I was looking for a present for the real Tobyboo's first birthday and got side tracked on Etsy and started searching for sailor collars (a past time I can't excuse) anyway, I came across a lovely illustration of a girl obviously with a sailor collar and a ship in her hair.....simply beautiful. As you can imagine with a baby I had all the time in the world to sit and email Eloise and a wonderful bizarre raccoon loving friendship was born! I commissioned her to put Toby in her world (not literally) and the result is gorgeous!
That above is a detail of the real thing but she put him in her piece 'Seduction' with a bear but if I post the real thing on she might set a rabid pack of badgers after me so I won't risk it. Just to say that if you are bothering to read this (?!) I'd say go look at her work!!!

Tobyboo's pointless ramblings

So, I've been told to write a blog and for one thing I'm not too sure I understand the point unless you've got something incredibly exciting to say and for a second - well, I really haven't got anything exciting to say.....

I'll start at the begining.....once upon a time there was a small girl called Tina, everyone kept telling her she was really good at 'art' (whatever that meant) so she followed a yellow brick road and ended up at Central St Martins doing a degree in Jewellery. Tina was a very bad girl and didn't do the lovely shiny jewellery that was expected of her, she liked to use rubbish metals and other things and quite frankly made pieces that you couldn't exactly wear. So what was Tina supposed to do? that's right, follow the advice of an art history tutor and work in television!

Strangely this is what Tina wanted to do ever since she was 15 and was addicted to watching Network 7 every Sunday morning when she wasn't already at the studio annoying the production staff. So, she worked her way up in TV land and loved almost 45% until one day, like Sleeping Beauty (only not tall and blonde and not actually sleeping) she collapsed at work and was sent home never to work again.......

After Tina's 7 year sleep a Toby was born (obviously a lot is missing from this part) and Tina decided that she really couldn't afford all of Toby's friends presents so she created......Tobyboo! The end.