Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hoorah! this weekend I did yet another really lovely fair with gorgeous people! I got the chance to do more 'me' work which was fun. Look photos 'n' all!

 I can't tell you why a cat head looked good on a vintage photo of my mum it just did.

Mini pocket robots

lovely cards

Enough on me - 'ere be the round up.....

My 'local' jewellery neighbours for the day (top) Muna and (above) Di Does Vintage

Beautiful pieces and jewellery from Moosetache Lovely

I want ALL of this! fantastic creations by laura Kate

All in all a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon; the Wonder Hill Market every month at The Miller pub, Snowsfield Road (London Bridge) really worth popping in - tip top food, live music and wonderful creations - what more do you want people!!?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Village People

Yesterday (18th June) was Vintage Pixies Vintage and Handmade Gift Fair at Shalford Village Hall near Guildford, Surrey. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect - the heaven's were starting to open and that's the moment you realise you are stuck for the afternoon in this place with these people....... I have never sold at a fair like it! Everyone that came was so lovely and chatty and really appreciated the time and skill in handmade and all credit to Emily (who organised) said well done to who ever put it together!

The other stall holders were (as the sign said) 'fabulous' and it felt like a long lost reunion when finally after months and months of tweeting What Katie Did Next and I finally met!

 Fathers Day cards from moi

 Framed work (including a dinky size family tree) and little bits

cake decorating by Toby 

 What Katie Did Next.... well she hugged me
 Fab plantable bunting from The Green Gables
Gorgeous hair clips from Pipnstuff

The vintage stands were a treasure trove of spendage - and really tough to control - I bought a beautiful beaded peter pan collar and a pack of vintage cards. Typically, can't remember whats from where so the tip top stands included handmade and vintage Rural Vintage and Knickerbocker Glory. 

A big wave to my neighbour Emily - I didn't manage to get photos from your side but go click on her site! Handmade By Emily

All in all a lovely village hall kinda day! and keep your eyes open for Vintage Pixies other events - I think they are worth the journey.

Saturday, 4 June 2011 your neighbourhood, in your neighbour-hood

This week was a bit of a one for local goodness. On Wednesday, the long awaited haven for parents and children was opened in Croydon - Beanies. Born from Beanos, the former 'largest record shop in Europe' it still retains some vinyl magic on the inside.

I so wasn't disappointed after all the hype and excitement, waitress service for coffees, fab shoplets, tip top play bits - 3 floors of fabulous stuff all on my doorstep! Happy girl!.

Beach hut shops selling beautiful gifts hand made and otherwise - again most sourced locally.

Beanies is in Central Croydon - Middle Street and worth a train ride or car journey.

Local Hero number 2 was my neighbour up until Friday, Claire from simply gorgeous shop Calladoodles! If the name doesn't make you want to visit then maybe this will.

Very lucky me gets to have my work in such a beautiful place. Claire has come up an eclectic mix of hand made and great bought in pieces

Calladoodles is shop that I was told about the moment it opened - who knew the owner ended up in living over the road from me! Calladoodles is 18 High Street Carshalton and I would be hugely surprised if you came out empty handed. Other crafter delights include gorgeousness from What Katie Did Next.

So, today - a hop skip and a jump was Reigate and the Reigate Craft & Gift fair that's on the 1st Saturday of every month - Slipshoe Street.

Well done to Kirstin from Rocket and Fairydust not only does she organise the fairs but is opening a shop this month - she be livin' the dream in my eyes! Well done and good luck Kirstin! x

Father's day malarky starts here - Daddies Sauce based daddy keyrings.

I don't think I've been creatively excited about living here for a long time (well since I did my foundation course at Croydon College!) just so much going on that makes me proud to live round these parts!