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A New Start

Its been a while since I've posted, pretty much because I couldn't log in. So I'm back in now, what's been happening?
Well, I've moved studio, my Arebyte space in Clerkenwell was no more so had to find a new one then moved to Craft Central in Muddchute that was too lonely, too expensive and too far for me and then, like Goldilocks found the place that was just perfect!
I'm now in west London at the most amazing creative space ever, Kindred Studios. I feel hugely proud and lucky to be apart of London's friendliest art community, come to the next open studios to find out why none of us can stop gushing about it!

I cannot stress enough how finding the right studio is important, I went from - well I may as well be honest, pretty much suicidal to being the happiest I've been in a long while just from being in the right place. Your studio is not only your work place, the people around you are your family if you don't have people or the right people around…

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