Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Vote for Firenze!

So I entered the Secret Art Prize this year with my 'Sewn Together' (not much needs explaining horse - fella - sewn together) anyway he's here for you to vote for if you like him.

 Also in the running is this stunning mixed media piece by Viv Richards - I won't be offended at all if you voted for her over me!

Vote for someone! think of what those suffragettes did! (what - oh I see nothing to do with prizes, more wanting a voice - that makes much more sense)

*Firenze - Harry Potter fans will understand.

You've got an Axia

"Devoted, imaginative but lazy and indecisive" - yes I'm a Pisces.
Never thought there was much harm in horoscopes, nonsense but no harm but the new horoscopes the Axias, the Exias everyone seems to wants one of them.

Poor Balance, can't ride a bike?
Flat feet?
Sensitivity to light?
Yes! ah I'm Dyspraxic! who knew!?

It's not like I'm saying the conditions don't exist but I don't understand why so many parents seem to want to find which label to give there child? When I was at school I didn't read (obviously I'm lazy because I'm Pisces) as a result as I got older some teachers and then tutors thought I was Dyslexic. I had some kind of test and what do you know - they said I was Dyslexic - I wasn't I'm a lazy reader. I never tried to read much so when I did for the test I had symptoms of Dyslexia but no one asked how much I'd even tried to read. I then used it as an excuse for the next ten years. I'm a bad speller, I'm a rubbish reader, I'm bad with numbers but I don't need a name or reason for it I'm just pretty poor at stuff like that!

There are so many conditions out there and the days of not wanting your kid to have something wrong with them seem to have gone now everyone wants a label. You might well have a child with an Axia but they also might just be just not very nice - the Axia's not an excuse for it.

So I tick the box for every symptom of Dyspraxia, as a child I would have been the same but who knew? and did it really matter in the end. I'm glad that at the time they didn't have a diagnosis for everything because I would have used it as an excuse and hung on to it every time something went wrong just like some bonkers people do with horoscopes - "a Taurus with a Virgo?! what?!"

When we found out just how nuts genius Toby was all we could think was he must have Autism, and most people do look at gifted kids as if its a side effect of something else. He hasn't but if he did have something I don't think I'd tell him because so long as your understanding why would they need to know. I wish I wasn't labeled Dyslexic, I think I might have pushed myself to read, I can't now I find it really hard and it probably has turned into Dyslexia just to serve me right! I know how hideous it is for Dyslexic adults which is why I think before you label a child.

Shockingly, there are some lazy and annoying and withdrawn and clever and aggressive children out there - no reason that's what they're like.... I'm sure they're all Sagittarians and Librans.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Two Corgis and a Pigeon

New Stuffed Art pieces



Saturday, 4 July 2015

Where have you been? I've been to London....


illustrating the rhyme 'Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?'

Zip pouches and cross body bags

The Museum of London also stock collectable fabric art pieces - dolls and sculptures, each is a totally unique one off. In stock this week is my rather lovely Pearly Queen she can never be repeated and the only place to get her is at the Museum of London shop.

engraved glass poison bottle - Romeo and Juliet
This little beauty is part of a new range of glassware - look out for more designs in new stockists each exclusive or bespoke but as a collection they look stunning together. 
The poison bottle was designed with Romeo and Juliet's tragedy in mind for The Globe.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

More Fairy Work

Toby in fairy land

Tree detail - leads to the 'real world'

almost finished....

Friday, 12 June 2015

Festival of Fairies

This week I have mostly been painting a mural in the park.

Later this month Croydon is hosting a celebration of the life of Cicely Mary Barker, creator of the Flower Fairies ™who was in fact a Croydonian. As a child I loved her work and so of course I wanted to be involved in any way.  My favourite park as a child is Park Hill, it runs by the side of the railway and there was always something magical, the water tower for example I'm sure Rapunzel lived there - and the walled garden - well that was the secret garden. Within the secret garden is the memorial garden to Cicely Mary Barker, featuring flowers that she created the fairies around it is a hidden gem in our concrete palace.

Anyway, helping - yes - what am I doing? yes, a mural! no sewing - just painting this time and here be the progress so far..

see its in there

Rapunzel's tower in Park Hill Park (ok the water tower)

The walled garden - see pretty!

The Flower Fairies Festival is part of the Croydon Heritage Festival 20/21 and 27/28 June 
Park Hill is right near East Croydon Station and a teeny reminder that Croydon is actually the greenest borough in London so nerrrr to all those that think its all grey and hard!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Love Those Scamps

The one thing that I love about being a hermit worker is that on the chances that you do meet other hermits sometimes you find ones that are just plain lovely - and I do mean sometimes! and so they are very special. Thank you to Scamp who let me jabber for their blog, if you'd like to read jibberish on a different page then click here....

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Finger Fun

When the lovely boys at Ohh Deer asked me to do a workshop thing at their stand during Pick Me Up of course I said "no" but after persistence I realised there was no way out. Finger puppets! that was on the agenda, I'd embroidered some faces and made some blanks for decorating, between Toby and I we actually came out with a heap of ways of making finger friends... And below are some of the results!


you can never go wrong with googley eyes

Thank you to all those who came and a big thank you to @MrFingerbobs who officially let me be acting Yoffy for the day, I was honoured. Yes that was the real Yoffy.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Museum + Heritage Show 2015

This week I did exhibited at the Museum + Heritage trade show for the first time, I was hoping to show you photos from it ... then I realised I'd only taken photos of my own stand.  So this is all you get...

Gordon the Gorilla, Spike the fish and well... column

if only I had a pound for everyone that said "where can I get that mug and tea towel from?"

a museum A to Z - won't get you anywhere you know

close up of Spike

Column, still looks rude to me
The show is a two day event in Olympia, London and was lovely to see lots of exhibitors from similar events. It was quite busy, hot and expensive sandwiches and plug points for that matter only time will tell as to the results. 
The event also has an awards section for the museums (well and heritage) here be the winners on the Guardian site.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Where? The What Museum? - Avoncroft

I'd never heard of the Avoncroft - and the name didn't exactly tell me much but the tag line was 'Museum of Historic Buildings' which sounded more intriguing.

Having said that, I won't lie, not really the sort of museum that I'd put on my 'I need to go there list'. For me the atmosphere in a museum is key, and I couldn't see how an out door one with different buildings could carry that but crikey I was wrong. Because of where it is and the variety of saved brickwork it feels like 5 museums in one.

Just outside Birmingham, in Bromsgrove and hidden behind an industrial estate lies not quite a graveyard for what would be destroyed buildings - more of an old peoples home. The whole story of the museum is fascinating, it started with a group of people wanting to save one building and that was moved to this site - but in the 1970's (might have been 60's and I wasn't paying enough attention) a time when pretty much most of the country were ripping down old features and buildings to make way for clean lines and boxes.

The open space lies home to barns, a windmill, a cathedral roof, spire, giant chimneys all but one building taken apart brick by brick moved to the site, and put back together exactly - as if it was Lego. If the place had money and time I would have loved to have seen monitors with films showing you the move and why the likes of Channel 4 haven't thought of using it in some George Clarke program is beyond me.

One of the highlights is the telephone boxes, they have one of each kind (again, I'm wondering if I was paying attention or distracted by the TARDIS) and you get to go in and dial. Something that everyone under a certain age (no idea what that age is though) needs to see - life before mobiles, waiting for that call at home and knowing its late because someone else is using the phone box and your boyfriend is having to wait, or when both of you don't have phones and having to arrange being at the phone box at a certain time it comes back when you see them.

Second highlight and most importantly for a museum - the cafe, this didn't disappoint; an Edwardian style tea room that you can go to without paying or going into the museum itself and if you are nearby then so worth a trip for tea and cake.

Probably my favourite, a post war prefab kitted out with interior of the time makes you realise you don't need much of a building to make a home. 

Avoncroft was a real surprise, heaps of space for kids to run around so unlike most museums they won't get confinement boredom. Any location researchers, this place needs to be in your book I wished I'd known about it when working in TV. You do need to drive there, or its a long walk from the station but if you are around the midlands then I really think this is a fab destination and (like all museums) it needs more support.