Fan Male

Yesterday I went to a Grayson Perry talk and went away with a Tobyboo doll. It's been a while since I've made a doll, which makes them all the more special and in a voodoo way I pick my victim! I got a ticket for the talk on Friday which gave me the weekend to create 'Claire', all would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that all my fabrics etc were at the studio but my machine and myself were at home; still I scraped together some paper and string (well dodgy blue fabric and stuffing) and worked my magic.
Step one done, doll finished and I was happy with it.

Step two, getting it to Grayson Perry.
I needed a bit of help, and my lovely friend Jim was there to help. During the Q&As he asked a question (no idea what it was) and then said "and my friend has made you a present can she give it to you?" at which point he said can you repeat all of that I can't hear... I'd given up at this point - she was coming on the train home with me....Except.. once Mr Perry had answered he said 'is that ok?' to which Jim said "no, Tina's got a present to give you" - meanwhile mini Grayson was crowd surfed to the front and eventually handed to him. Hoorah!

Why did I want to make a Claire/Grayson doll you may ask? well, in a slightly fan type way I just did and I think it makes for a great piece. Grayson Perry is a fantastic observer and commentator without dictating what we should think and do. He's managed the impossible - being popular, a 'TV celebrity' (even if you watch ITV) and the art types in their high up towers love him. 

His exhibition at the Serpentine - 'The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!' is beautiful, its funny, touching and sad. I came out miserable - all I kept thinking was "oh I had ideas to do with that but whats the point if I did a piece it's never going to be as good". 

At his talk, I was relieved to hear him say that he uses Google images - as odd a reveal as this is I feel like a huge cheat if I look up something, I should be finding it and sketching it, or imagining it but surely not Googling it! It was also so good to hear someone else ranting about art that may have some great message but is ultimately crap. I struggle so much thinking that I have to have some dissertation worthy sentiment behind work that most times I just don't bother doing a piece I want to. 

Thank you Mr Perry, you made me feel normal. I hope C4 carry on using you for more good work on the picture box - the country needs you.


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