Sunday, 22 April 2012

You can keep the Costa Brava...

Daaaaannn to Margate....  last weekend I was hoping to take the boys to Bath for Dave's (Mr Boo) 40th. You can think these things find no where to stay and before you know it you're in Margate. I wasn't expecting much except for the Turner Gallery and was very pleasantly surprised.

We stayed in the incredible Warpole Bay Hotel - if you like slick and contemporary then yes stay away if you like period and interest then it's for you. Run by the lovely Jane it's a living museum of Edwardian Britain, the lift would slice your fingers off if you were distracted too much by the 100's of things to interest you. Jane also has a napkin art gallery - no not napkin origami - art on napkins by the likes of Margate Missy herself Tracy Emin and the fantastic Martin Parr.

With less than 24 hours we had to use our time wisely and that we did, a trip to the old town was like the Lanes in Brighton full of vintage shops one that grabbed me straight away was Madam Poppoff - anything vaguely Rentaghost is going to get me in.  There we met the incredibly lovely Deborah who entertained Toby and was his highlight of Margate - it's also where I got my fab 60s dress that I wore to the Glasgow Mary Portas launch party. Hoorah! We were then directed to go to The Mad Hatter for tea and cake....

Now this place is a post in itself, loved it I'll let the photos do the talking....

On the Sunday before we left we found THE most incredible hidden gem - the Shell Grotto discovered in 1832 that's pretty much all is known, it was hidden for centuries and it's your guess as good as anyones what the reason of it was. It's a haunting peaceful experience.

All in all Margate - a lot of surprises and a few things that you'd expect.....

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mary Queen of Scots (for the day)

 More Mary at House of Fraser boutiques springing up! The latest one was Glasgow in the most gorgeous branch of House of Fraser - or should I say Frasers because it's the original shop where it all started.
and at your service, Grant... don't expect him to be kilted up every time you go in though
Mary finds a home

 The shop is beautiful, I couldn't resist doing an embroidery for them - this is full free embroidery and as ever no drawing or marks to guide hence the complete wobbliness of it all!

 It's been on my mind for a while to make a doll for Peter Cross - and it was more appreciated than I could ever imagine!
 Kinky Knickers inspired me to make a saucy Mary
 Taggart's Blythe Duff ended up in being Tobyboo's biggest fan of the night

London tape (top) Glasgow (middle) Manchester (bottom)
Manchester & Glasgow exclusive to Mary at House of Fraser

The really lovely Caroline Key - Trash Furnishing was there, her beautiful upcycled pieces are permanent features in this and other Mary boutiques

Glasgow is stunning, its the first time that I'd been and a brief visit but I shall be back as soon as the cushions and more stock are on the shelf. Currently, the Glasgow tape is exclusive to the store at £5. What are you waiting for? go visit and buy!

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Inspired by the loveliness of others going out of their way for me, I'm doing a marvellous Easter offer! The very gorgeous and popular new fine bone china tea set for £150 - the tea cups are normally £24 each and the teapot £70 so this is a HUGE bargain! Please contact me direct for orders or details. 

Oranges & Lemons tea set -  6 tea cups and saucers and teapot, fine bone china made in Stoke featuring the embroidered images of the six London churches in the verse.
£150 (plus £10 P+P)