Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A little bit of what you fancy......

The first ever thing I bought off of Etsy was from Sarah who makes THE most gorgeous dolls. I ordered one, then another, then fell in love with another so had to get that and finally one for my Toby as the others were off to homes as gifts. I've seen so many other similar dolls on Etsy but none come close to the charm of her little creations.

Sarah even sells the patterns so you can try your luck and making your own - yes, of course I bought that as well - and no I didn't even try, some things are best left to those that know! Some of you out there might not have seen her work but I'm thinking not many if you're an Etsy shopper. I'm so glad I don't have a little girl otherwise Sarah would have to put up with me at least once a week, for Toby I think his one John doll is enough to keep him happy.

A Bit of Whimsy's blog and Twitter are so worth following - I love seeing glimpses of watching Sarah work -even just to get jealous of her fabrics and if you Twitter then she announces sales for Twitties, yea! more to buy!

bitofwhimsyprims dolls from Etsy

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Daddy's the Source!

Ah, father's day .......what could he want? a 'who's the daddy' t-shirt, a Drivetime CD, a photobook ('ang on who doesnt love a photobook!?). Think outside Amazon this father's day and look to Tobyboo, the first of a few papa friendly pictures is already listed on Misi and Etsy - an applique daddies sauce bottle with 'my - daddys - best' embroidered on. He'll love it! (and if he doesn't he'll say he will)

So Enterprising

The woman's slightly mad, you only need to look at the knitted world she lives in - I can now say universe as a result of her latest creations.
If you don't think this is Spockfriffic I don't know what is! I'm waiting for X-Meermen next, can't wait to see a knitted wheelchair.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Yes, Bromley Life magazine people! Look!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fun with Peter and Jane

Framed Peter and Jane prints are reduced to a bargain £10.50! What more could you ask?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Good things come in small packages

On my hours of ignoring Toby and searching on the web I stumbled across this really cute pregnancy baby site that not only looks loverlee but is actually incredibly handy if you have rugrats. 'Tis worth a look especially if you would like to win a Tobyboo piece - yes competition crazy! This week is like Going Live for giveaways!
Go click on Little Stuff and to win an initial frame

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Win Your Name!

Win a bespoke frameTobyboo makes gorgeous custom pieces for your little boos. Personalised gifts and art work embroidered and appliqué to treasure and hand down. Tina, who spent many years in Balham and Clapham now has her own boo (Toby) and has moved slightly further out but always has a pull to SW12. She is a graduate from Central St Martins and previously made luscious bespoke handbags under the label Twinkle. Tobyboo also take commissions for weddings and other special occasions."
Win a bespoke mounted "Initial" frame worth £45 that's exclusive to the Nappy Valley winner there's no image, as it will be made especially for you.

To enter email with Tobyboo in the subject