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The first ever thing I bought off of Etsy was from Sarah who makes THE most gorgeous dolls. I ordered one, then another, then fell in love with another so had to get that and finally one for my Toby as the others were off to homes as gifts. I've seen so many other similar dolls on Etsy but none come close to the charm of her little creations.

Sarah even sells the patterns so you can try your luck and making your own - yes, of course I bought that as well - and no I didn't even try, some things are best left to those that know! Some of you out there might not have seen her work but I'm thinking not many if you're an Etsy shopper. I'm so glad I don't have a little girl otherwise Sarah would have to put up with me at least once a week, for Toby I think his one John doll is enough to keep him happy.

A Bit of Whimsy's blog and Twitter are so worth following - I love seeing glimpses of watching Sarah work -even just to get jealous of her fabrics and if you Twitter then she announces sales for Twitties, yea! more to buy!

bitofwhimsyprims dolls from Etsy


  1. oh no - I have 3 girls - you should never have introduced these to me!!!!



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