Friday, 27 July 2012

Get the London Look...


and to go with it here's a shameless plug on Tobyboos rather lovely London collection all 100% made over 'ere gaw blimey guv and Bobs your uncle go spend ya shillings and feed the birds....

Monday, 23 July 2012

Torch-would you?

Oh things I like to avoid: crowds and sports and yet how could I avoid seeing the giant metal Cornetto being carried around on my doorstep? Exactly, no we went, we saw .....

and in honour of all this crazed float advertising and all round coming together it's offer time! Two Jack tea towels for the price of one! Hoorah.

Why would you need more than one?
Give one to a friend
Use one Frame one
Make a child's dress (sew the side seams and ribbon on the shoulders)
Make a big girls top (same as above)
buy 3 lots and make a frou frou skirt (sew all together and elastic at the top)

No excuses people - go shop and wave the tea towel!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Well, the last couple of weeks have been rather exciting - not only am I working on a fantastic collaboration (shall reveal more at a later date) that means I don't want to stop working for a second but was also featured in Elle Decoration this month (August) Hoorah! 

'Name to Know' you say do you.... well my bank know my name very well but for all the wrong reasons.... 

*New product* yes, milking London even more brings me to my next product, a rather gorgeous chiffon scarf with the London embroidery repeated to create the River Thames so a must for EastEnders fans out there surely? 

 ooh yes, you could use it as a hairband

 tie it as a bow
 see, you'd have to get the matching mug

 and always make your model wash up after
a big thank you to Sara