Sunday, 27 March 2011

Croydon Facelift

So, today was the day of my venture into the hideous world of fair organising! Only a teeny one but the first of (hopefully) many Concrete Creative craft fairs went surprisingly well!

An hour before we were due to start I was tweeting like mad and got a response from Vicky at Stars & Scars jewellery - oddly she lives so close and rather than saying come along I said come and pitch up! So glad she did. 

Tobyboo ready for Easter and mamas day, and next to me is none other than Katia Muscara who I only mentioned the other day!

Stars & Scars

 Little Miss Melissa

Faraway Frills

Sock Monkey Magic

Trudy Grant - I ended up in spending straight away getting on of her fab vintage fabric cushions

The venture is now the start of what hopefully will give Croydon the bit of sparkle it needs! Anyone that's in and around Croydon that would like to get involved in future events please get in touch and join our Flickr and Facebook groups.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Having your cake and ...

I can't tell you how amazed I was at seeing these beautiful photos by Katia Muscara and then even more stunned at the cakes by PMT (Positively Marvellous Temptations)! Just incredible and truly gorgeous and (lucky me) last week I actually got to try one of Amanda (PMT) delights and they are (pause) fab-u-lous! and I have tried some damn fine cakes.

photography: KATIA MUSCARA 
inches on hip by: PMT cupcakes (Positively Marvellous Temptations)

What more can I tell you about these two ladies? ah yes they are from Croydon - so, number 1 in my series of talent south of the river.....

Friday, 25 March 2011

Desperately trying to inject a bit of art to the concrete jungle that is Croydon I decided to see who else was out there thinking the same..... Concrete Creative was sort of born - but no one really liked the concrete part so the C word* crept in..... (*meaning Croydon)

As uninspiring as Croydon sounds it does has a really good art college (yes, yes I did my foundation there so I would say that) that the likes of Ray Davies (really?), Malcolm McLaren (are you sure?) John Rocha and Noel Fielding (ok those we knew) went to.

Up until this month we had an arts centre with an exhibition space, small but nice bar and lovely independent cinema, the David Lean - that's all gone due to cuts. If ever a place needed some creative sparkle its Croydon.

So, on Sunday 27th March I'm doing a (very) teeny craft fair with some friends - 'tis a start if nothing else!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Never work with children and Blankets part 2

So, I posted some of my grabs from a few weeks ago, here's a taster of some of the shots captured by Kerry McMair on a miserable day with just a house to shoot in .....

Kerry McNair Photography

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

and all I got was this t shirt.....

After making tops for Toby and ignoring requests from others for the last couple of years I have decided to do 2 designs of personalised tops (hoorah!)

They are £25 each and can be ordered direct through me so you can choose the top (and really soft lovely cotton they are too), long or short sleeve and colour and if there are details that you'd like added.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Birdie Dance

I am a huge moaner about jewellery, partly because after making it for 3 years at college it does nothing for me. My work at Central St Martins which was moons ago wasn't exactly shiny and pretty and a ring with a birdcage and glass eye dangling in (oh yes, birdcage jewellery was around in 1992!) would never get a glove over it - and that was the definition of a ring in some of our tutors eyes..... so when I first saw work by The Aviary I was in love.

The Aviary create gorgeous fine art jewellery that makes you feel like you have a piece of art to treasure. Using vintage images, tin, wood this is also upcycled work that is packaged so beautifully that you would want to frame it as is.

The duo behind the pretties are so lovely, when I first saw their work I really thought that I'd come across some scary woman who wouldn't say a word but after meeting them you can't help but fall in love with their world.

.... and to anyone that knows me they will know what a HUGE deal it is putting this image up - a butterfly and moth phobic that's only been able to say B and M word for the last couple of years I can even look at this and see the beauty (but I think that's in the work not in the flyee things themselves)

So, if I had a big shiny medal - this week I would award it to you lovely people - take a bow!
The Aviary

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Commissions, Commissions, Commissions

I've had a run of really varied and lovely commissions the last few weeks - out of these has come my favourite piece so far.

Wedding gift commission  - there is a Disney reason for the idea!

Not a commission but a gift to the lovely Claire Gordon who has been mine and Toby's bone cracker (chiropractor) since he was born - she's moved up to Bristol to start her own practice.... shall miss her heaps.

This is my favourite - so a customer had seen the family trees that I do and had the wonderful idea of using it for a cushion. This is for a 50th wedding anniversary, hence the gold and is a huge 50cm x 50cm and a lovely squiggy duck feather filled pad has been used so it's a perfect weight and feel.

The Family Tree cushion is now part of the Tobyboo bespoke range so please get in contact for prices etc.

The love commissions lead me to create this snuggle blanket that's similar to the baby blankets with a minkee backing but big enough for two to get cosy on the sofa with. That's just been listed on my glossy shop on  how exciting!