Birdie Dance

I am a huge moaner about jewellery, partly because after making it for 3 years at college it does nothing for me. My work at Central St Martins which was moons ago wasn't exactly shiny and pretty and a ring with a birdcage and glass eye dangling in (oh yes, birdcage jewellery was around in 1992!) would never get a glove over it - and that was the definition of a ring in some of our tutors eyes..... so when I first saw work by The Aviary I was in love.

The Aviary create gorgeous fine art jewellery that makes you feel like you have a piece of art to treasure. Using vintage images, tin, wood this is also upcycled work that is packaged so beautifully that you would want to frame it as is.

The duo behind the pretties are so lovely, when I first saw their work I really thought that I'd come across some scary woman who wouldn't say a word but after meeting them you can't help but fall in love with their world.

.... and to anyone that knows me they will know what a HUGE deal it is putting this image up - a butterfly and moth phobic that's only been able to say B and M word for the last couple of years I can even look at this and see the beauty (but I think that's in the work not in the flyee things themselves)

So, if I had a big shiny medal - this week I would award it to you lovely people - take a bow!
The Aviary


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