A New Start

Its been a while since I've posted, pretty much because I couldn't log in. So I'm back in now, what's been happening?
Well, I've moved studio, my Arebyte space in Clerkenwell was no more so had to find a new one then moved to Craft Central in Muddchute that was too lonely, too expensive and too far for me and then, like Goldilocks found the place that was just perfect!
I'm now in west London at the most amazing creative space ever, Kindred Studios. I feel hugely proud and lucky to be apart of London's friendliest art community, come to the next open studios to find out why none of us can stop gushing about it!

I cannot stress enough how finding the right studio is important, I went from - well I may as well be honest, pretty much suicidal to being the happiest I've been in a long while just from being in the right place. Your studio is not only your work place, the people around you are your family if you don't have people or the right people around you it can be devastating. I signed up to a space that had moved from Clerkenwell and rather stupidly thought that everyone from the old site was moving too - this wasn't the case and and lovely as the 3 makers in the studio were , it was 3 makers in a vast space with 70 units. My space was like a rabbit hutch in a garden, the building was lovely but my room, was a small MDF box. I thought having the space would be enough but after a couple of days realised what was missing - a community. 
I hadn't realised how important it was until then, I thought having a physical space was enough but work space is nothing - I had space at home. To make things worse, the cost of my box was so high I couldn't pay myself and a spiral of debt occurred - I'm being this honest because I don't want anyone else to make the same mistakes or be as miserable as I was, and that space might be perfect for you - we're all different. I stopped working, ideas dried up and everyday I would sit in the corner of the room in tears. By chance I heard about Kindred, I got in touch and eventually they had a space for me. From the moment I stepped in the building and was greeted by Nick on the door I couldn't believe it. The vibe felt like college, the buzz, the management was incredible - as I walked back to the tube I did have tears but happy tears and I knew that was the perfect fit for me. Since I've been there I can't stop coming up with ideas, I can't wait to get in everyday and end up in being late for the school pick up - that is what being an artist should be like - being that creative that you can't stop and I want to pass it on to everyone! 
West London, you have something very special in this place, the neighbourhood are over the moon that we are there and that a gorgeous building hasn't turned into luxury flats - London needs more of this - much more otherwise we end up living in an Argos catalogue constantly wanting to be put with the coffee table books. I come from Croydon a place that has or had so much potential, but it's a place that is consumed with thoughts of greed, building after building goes up, heritage gets pulled down and then it grasps for culture not realising that you can't buy or force culture it's organic and natural. 
I hope that the powers that be in London wake up and realise that places like Kindred are a necessity - you can't just keep making houses that only the elite can afford and assume that people with money make a place better. Art, music, individuality is what makes places and communities. Going from one of many MDF units forced in a lovely old building to an amazing bright room in an old school that was working with the building is pretty much an analogy for whats going on in London as well as my own experience at that time. 
I urge you to go to Kindred Studios next open studios, I had friends and family that travelled from Slough, Windsor & deepest darkest Essex none were disappointed - this isn't just a London thing!


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