Commissions, Commissions, Commissions

I've had a run of really varied and lovely commissions the last few weeks - out of these has come my favourite piece so far.

Wedding gift commission  - there is a Disney reason for the idea!

Not a commission but a gift to the lovely Claire Gordon who has been mine and Toby's bone cracker (chiropractor) since he was born - she's moved up to Bristol to start her own practice.... shall miss her heaps.

This is my favourite - so a customer had seen the family trees that I do and had the wonderful idea of using it for a cushion. This is for a 50th wedding anniversary, hence the gold and is a huge 50cm x 50cm and a lovely squiggy duck feather filled pad has been used so it's a perfect weight and feel.

The Family Tree cushion is now part of the Tobyboo bespoke range so please get in contact for prices etc.

The love commissions lead me to create this snuggle blanket that's similar to the baby blankets with a minkee backing but big enough for two to get cosy on the sofa with. That's just been listed on my glossy shop on  how exciting!


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