Croydon Facelift

So, today was the day of my venture into the hideous world of fair organising! Only a teeny one but the first of (hopefully) many Concrete Creative craft fairs went surprisingly well!

An hour before we were due to start I was tweeting like mad and got a response from Vicky at Stars & Scars jewellery - oddly she lives so close and rather than saying come along I said come and pitch up! So glad she did. 

Tobyboo ready for Easter and mamas day, and next to me is none other than Katia Muscara who I only mentioned the other day!

Stars & Scars

 Little Miss Melissa

Faraway Frills

Sock Monkey Magic

Trudy Grant - I ended up in spending straight away getting on of her fab vintage fabric cushions

The venture is now the start of what hopefully will give Croydon the bit of sparkle it needs! Anyone that's in and around Croydon that would like to get involved in future events please get in touch and join our Flickr and Facebook groups.


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