Mary Queen of Scots (for the day)

 More Mary at House of Fraser boutiques springing up! The latest one was Glasgow in the most gorgeous branch of House of Fraser - or should I say Frasers because it's the original shop where it all started.
and at your service, Grant... don't expect him to be kilted up every time you go in though
Mary finds a home

 The shop is beautiful, I couldn't resist doing an embroidery for them - this is full free embroidery and as ever no drawing or marks to guide hence the complete wobbliness of it all!

 It's been on my mind for a while to make a doll for Peter Cross - and it was more appreciated than I could ever imagine!
 Kinky Knickers inspired me to make a saucy Mary
 Taggart's Blythe Duff ended up in being Tobyboo's biggest fan of the night

London tape (top) Glasgow (middle) Manchester (bottom)
Manchester & Glasgow exclusive to Mary at House of Fraser

The really lovely Caroline Key - Trash Furnishing was there, her beautiful upcycled pieces are permanent features in this and other Mary boutiques

Glasgow is stunning, its the first time that I'd been and a brief visit but I shall be back as soon as the cushions and more stock are on the shelf. Currently, the Glasgow tape is exclusive to the store at £5. What are you waiting for? go visit and buy!


  1. Tina, show us the tape?! LOVE these pictures. You look very happy and show you should be!

  2. Amazing! Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

  3. This is so fantastic Tina! Well done girl! So pleased everything is going so well! xxx


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