Badges of Pride

Today I was working in a museum without my sewing machine! I did feel sort of naked to start with because, well thats what I do isn't it? stitch? not today, I was back to my children TV roots with 'makes' and was very lucky to be a part of the National Maritime Museums Rainbow Week for LGBT History Month (#LGBTHM17).

Kicking off with the London Gay Men's Chorus (who were just amazing), rainbow ships, mermaids, cross dressing pirate stories and I got to help children make their own version of a ships badge (ships badges took over from figure heads - showing the identity of the vessel, think of it as a boat family crest) the idea was to look at your identity and how you could sum it up in simple image and colours - its not as easy as it sounds! I took a sewing machine and made it into a penguin feeding its chick mother/sewing being pretty much me, and well I like green so that worked.

Penelope's fruit filled jelly was fantastic! (and very original!)

Dragons were popular

as were bunnies

rainbow girl did an beautiful rainbow

Thank you to everyone that joined in, I am exhausted it was so busy! Please take a look at events round the country for LGBTHM in museums as there are some fantastically fun ones about for half term. 


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