Tobyboo's pointless ramblings

So, I've been told to write a blog and for one thing I'm not too sure I understand the point unless you've got something incredibly exciting to say and for a second - well, I really haven't got anything exciting to say.....

I'll start at the begining.....once upon a time there was a small girl called Tina, everyone kept telling her she was really good at 'art' (whatever that meant) so she followed a yellow brick road and ended up at Central St Martins doing a degree in Jewellery. Tina was a very bad girl and didn't do the lovely shiny jewellery that was expected of her, she liked to use rubbish metals and other things and quite frankly made pieces that you couldn't exactly wear. So what was Tina supposed to do? that's right, follow the advice of an art history tutor and work in television!

Strangely this is what Tina wanted to do ever since she was 15 and was addicted to watching Network 7 every Sunday morning when she wasn't already at the studio annoying the production staff. So, she worked her way up in TV land and loved almost 45% until one day, like Sleeping Beauty (only not tall and blonde and not actually sleeping) she collapsed at work and was sent home never to work again.......

After Tina's 7 year sleep a Toby was born (obviously a lot is missing from this part) and Tina decided that she really couldn't afford all of Toby's friends presents so she created......Tobyboo! The end.


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