Who to blame....

Making things for friends is one thing but who do I blame for inflicting it on everyone else? Ah, thats easy.......Hidden Eloise (why she stays hidden who knows but apparently you can find her in the woods - go see for yourself) http://www.hiddeneloise.com/

I was looking for a present for the real Tobyboo's first birthday and got side tracked on Etsy and started searching for sailor collars (a past time I can't excuse) anyway, I came across a lovely illustration of a girl obviously with a sailor collar and a ship in her hair.....simply beautiful. As you can imagine with a baby I had all the time in the world to sit and email Eloise and a wonderful bizarre raccoon loving friendship was born! I commissioned her to put Toby in her world (not literally) and the result is gorgeous!
That above is a detail of the real thing but she put him in her piece 'Seduction' with a bear but if I post the real thing on she might set a rabid pack of badgers after me so I won't risk it. Just to say that if you are bothering to read this (?!) I'd say go look at her work!!!


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