Handbags and Gladrags

Once upon a time I made handbags (yes, I know its all been rambled about before) anyway one of them was sold to my lovely friend Helen. Mrs Cheevers now has 2 gorgeous daughters and her eldest, Miss Lily has taken a liking to her mothers rather expensive Twinkle handbag for carrying round her juice and snacks.
So, inspired by her, I have made the Lily bag, a cute daughter version of a Twinkle at a fraction of Twinkle prices, ready to have raisins and rice cakes at the bottom.

Here modelling two of the Lily bags are Miss Lanabanana and Miss Abigail. Both bags will be listed very soon.
The bags are made from recycled jeans and are lined in gold satin......eco-friendly glam shabby chic!


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