Well this was the last thing I made - for Miss Holly Smith, a shoe bag for her first pair of shoes.

The lovely Holly was one last week and started walking on Christmas Eve. In the house of Tobyboo we're still waiting for ours to make those precious and yet clumsy first steps from Toby aged 14 and a half months.

Toby now has his second pair of shoes and still isn't walking, I'm sure in the toddler world (although I can't call him a toddler seeing as he isn't toddling) he gets bullied and yet doesn't fit in with the tiny babies..... So I've now turned into one of those worrying mothers that compares hers to other children. Toby can do two very exciting things: jabber for Baby Gap and dance like no ones watching (although of course everyone is) His favourite artists and songs seem to be Rhianna, 'Walk this Way' (no, not the Girls Aloud nonsense one) and judging from the dancing Christmas tree, Wings with 'Wonderful Christmas Time'. Toby does also dance to alarms (alarms not The Alarm)

So, I'm watching him now thinking any minute now he might take that giant leap but he's just shaking his head......hey ho.......


  1. hi, your blog is looking good already, good luck with it! And I like Hollys shoe bag too
    : )

  2. thank you picciolo! nice to see someones even looked!!


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