Magic Mushrooms!

Only a few days ago I came across the most incredible felt woodland artist; fair enough, how many of those do you see? Probably quite a lot on Etsy. Anyway, Posh Plushies create tiny worlds that lots of us would like to live in but if we all did, it wouldn't be the idyllic fairy filled place, just estates of multistorey toadstools and we'd all want to move out. I think they're best left in the mind of Marie (I've no idea if she's posh).

I'm desperate for one of her pin cushions and would want it covered in her snail topped pins (all sounding like a Heston Blumenthal dish).

You can find these fabulous fungi on

You can imagine then, how I must feel to see that on Marie's blog she's included me in her own collection of Valentine treats - go see


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