Mad about the boy

So, February - Valentine's Day approaching and all you can think about is what you're going to, chocolates, hideous underwear. But what about the boys?

We don't do Valentines Day in the house of Tobyboo because February is a huge month for everything else, my birthday, our anniversary, we found out I had a Toby inside the 14th gets ignored.

I started thinking desperately what to make that you lovely ladies (I'm just presuming no men read this) could get for the fella in your life......keyrings! If you don't like the idea please blame Viv Richards who came up with the thought. Personally I think it was a good one and I'm pleased with the tiny results. Still based on the love letter idea that I shall milk for every occassion now!

Here they are, the Baby U can drive my car keyring and Key to my heart keyfob. I can only apologise for not fitting in the word 'you' but it was hard enough to fit what I did on 5cms.


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