Ah, almost 2017. 2016's not been that great overall and there's a day to go....

My dad has been in hospital the last few days, he's got pneumonia. He's been in and out of hospital for as far back as I can remember and somehow has been unbreakable but his luck is running out. For someone who's had a history of heart trouble, strokes, kidney trouble, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and who knows what I've left off he's done pretty good for an 83 year old.

Before I we got married I remember being in tears that I wouldn't have my dad walking down the aisle because I thought he'd be dead, I never thought he'd see a grand-child from us - he did. We are incredibly lucky - he's lived to see his four children as adults and have children of there own there's not much to be sad about. So well done dad, I've no idea if you've got minutes, hours or days left but what is there to be sorry about? 55 years ago today my parents got married, we need to change the way we see old age and life - we need to hear more "well done" instead of "I'm sorry" or "I hope he improves".

My nephews didn't have the luxury of knowing their father as an adult, friends never knowing their children for more than minutes, and children not knowing their mothers so what's to feel sorry about for someone getting to the end of the game; which is pretty much the point of life isn't it?

Well done dad. You played a good game but chess has to end sometime.
Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad.


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