You've got an Axia

"Devoted, imaginative but lazy and indecisive" - yes I'm a Pisces.
Never thought there was much harm in horoscopes, nonsense but no harm but the new horoscopes the Axias, the Exias everyone seems to wants one of them.

Poor Balance, can't ride a bike?
Flat feet?
Sensitivity to light?
Yes! ah I'm Dyspraxic! who knew!?

It's not like I'm saying the conditions don't exist but I don't understand why so many parents seem to want to find which label to give there child? When I was at school I didn't read (obviously I'm lazy because I'm Pisces) as a result as I got older some teachers and then tutors thought I was Dyslexic. I had some kind of test and what do you know - they said I was Dyslexic - I wasn't I'm a lazy reader. I never tried to read much so when I did for the test I had symptoms of Dyslexia but no one asked how much I'd even tried to read. I then used it as an excuse for the next ten years. I'm a bad speller, I'm a rubbish reader, I'm bad with numbers but I don't need a name or reason for it I'm just pretty poor at stuff like that!

There are so many conditions out there and the days of not wanting your kid to have something wrong with them seem to have gone now everyone wants a label. You might well have a child with an Axia but they also might just be just not very nice - the Axia's not an excuse for it.

So I tick the box for every symptom of Dyspraxia, as a child I would have been the same but who knew? and did it really matter in the end. I'm glad that at the time they didn't have a diagnosis for everything because I would have used it as an excuse and hung on to it every time something went wrong just like some bonkers people do with horoscopes - "a Taurus with a Virgo?! what?!"

When we found out just how nuts genius Toby was all we could think was he must have Autism, and most people do look at gifted kids as if its a side effect of something else. He hasn't but if he did have something I don't think I'd tell him because so long as your understanding why would they need to know. I wish I wasn't labeled Dyslexic, I think I might have pushed myself to read, I can't now I find it really hard and it probably has turned into Dyslexia just to serve me right! I know how hideous it is for Dyslexic adults which is why I think before you label a child.

Shockingly, there are some lazy and annoying and withdrawn and clever and aggressive children out there - no reason that's what they're like.... I'm sure they're all Sagittarians and Librans.


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