Dress you up

Ok so Im a creature of habit when it comes to clothes shopping and tend a) never to buy online unless I've tried it and b) never to buy a dress that's new and under £50 because without a doubt it will fall apart, which leads on to c) make sure it lasts so if you do get bored you can ebay it.

On the hunt for yet another 50's style dress I was lead to of all places Amazon, and found some real pretties most of which were from Lindy Bop so obviously went straight to their site - I loved pretty much all of dresses on the site but the most expensive being £38 I figured, cheap fabric, badly made blah blah blah but it was pretty and well I really didn't have the debt available for the Bernie Dexter dress that I loved....

Two days later my parcel arrived - the dress! heavy fabric, really well sewn this was not guilt ridden disposable fashion. That evening by sheer coincidence I was wearing it and met the designer for Lindy Bop he told me that they're looking to have a premium made in the UK range but the prices will be affordable and the quality high. I'm now slightly hooked, the petite range is perfect for the Hobbit that I am too.

I've seen so many bad cheap reproduction dresses or 50's style it's depressing - but I've now happily met a brand that to be honest the site does not do the the products justice.


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