Hogwarts and all.

I'm not a mad Harry Potter fan at all, I read the books seen the films but couldn't tell you one Death Eater from another and yet really wanted to go to the Warner Studios tour in Watford.

It just so happened that we've been reading Toby the first couple of books and he's getting slightly obsessed by the world of Potter. So for my birthday yesterday we got to go. I was a bit 'crikey that's expensive' when we ordered them £30 for adults and £22 for kids and in my head I had an idea of what it would be like. Our time slot was 4pm so I figured 2 hours and we'll be home before 8pm - nope. If you do go the train to Watford Junction and bus is so so easy and does get you in the mood for it. I think you start getting the picture when you arrive and see the size of the place but I was still sure we'd be home by 8.

We must have got that at 2.30 so spent lots of time in the shop before, pretty much there's the shop (which has heaps) and the not overly exciting cafe you then start queuing about 10 mins before your time slot. Really well done in terms of keeping the long line of Potter obsessives happy and occupied so it didn't feel long. It was nothing like I'd imagined - and well worth every penny. I assumed it was going to be a guided tour around sets etc - nope. I really could see why it was worth it even if you had no clue about the films - from a design/art view it was amazing. The props, sets and costume inspired me no end - if you had no idea what went into making a film of this sort then this is an eye opener. Far from exposing the wands and showing you the reality it only made the series more magical.

yes, Butterbeer... an odd Tizer kinda drink with a vanilla cream topping... although I did like it.

Be afraid...

The card models and drawings were just breathtaking

ah yes, the shop....

that be the great hall


more props!!

Scabbers! it was animal actors week so dotted around were some of the furry faces

Wand combat!

"Toby do you want your photo taken with Hedwig?" - yes
"Hedwig do you want your photo taken with Toby?"- I've never seen an owl shake his head so much (hence the laughing from Toby)

Would I recommend the tour - oh yeah!
  • If you do go I would say get as early a slot as you can... what time did we finish? 8.30pm in the end and got home at 10. 
  • When you go through to the holding room head at the end are three doors that go to the next bit - aim for the one on the far left which takes you to the front row of the screen room so first to go to the Great Hall. 
  • The green screen photos/videos are worth doing even if you don't end up in buying them.
  • Toby really enjoyed doing the wand combat bit so worth a bit of a queue.
  • We missed bits in the first stage because we went out and onto the next then didn't go back so do it all before you go outside for the Butterbeer and Privet Drive photo.
  • Really spend time looking at the pre drawings and artwork in the next stage - just incredible.
  • You will probably want a wand by the time you leave and enter the shop. After doing lots of wand window shopping the ones they have are better for the price £25 (heck keep the box and ebay it once they're done) 
  • The uniform cardigans and jumpers are cheaper in Harrods Harry Potter shop and are the same (£69 there £34 in Harrods) but everything else was exclusive to the WBS so if you want it get it because you can't else where .... well apart from ebay!


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