Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kellie's a Hero

Photographers can do a good job and some can do a great job, not all photographers take your work on holiday and come back with shots like these. 

Kellie's work has been commended by some of the top buyers I've seen and yes I've had shots by others but it's been hers that shone. I know I've written it before but she has brought my work to life - it's no good having a good product if you can't show it off visually.

I can't recommend her enough and am over the moon to have got a good friend out of a work relationship. Thanks Kellie.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Croydon Crazy

You can take the girl out of Croydon, but you can't take Croydon out of the girl and she'll be back again ..... story of my life!

I have a love hate relationship with my home town, the hate part is the reputation it gets, the people that live in Croydon but insist they don't (ahem, Purley, Coulsdonites we mean you) and that TK Maxx in the centre has gone. Other than that it's a big place with lots of different 'nice' yes nice parts and even lovely parts! We're stuck here so no moaning about it please - although yes I think moaning about the council closing the arts centre and doing nothing with the Clocktower is allowed.

With it being Heritage week round these parts, the Food Festival that was last weekend - that was good! honestly and Wandle Park reopening festival (I shall be selling there so bring your pennies) coming up it seemed a good time to launch.....

Croydon cards are available from the visitor centre next to East Croydon Station and the tape shall be online at £3 for a limited time 

Friday, 7 June 2013

What Do You Want, A Medal?

Moons ago when I'd just finished studying jewellery at Central St Martins and being told a ring is only a ring if you can fit a glove over it two still then students were making jewellery out of plectrums and plastic bits and pieces - the ladies were Rosie and Harriet who created Tatty Devine. I'd spent three years at college trying to use different materials and plastic figures and getting my wrists slapped over it, so you can imagine my jealousy when Tatty Devine pieces were selling from Brick Lane and getting good press.

I don't think anyone can really see the contribution that Tatty Devine has made to design and fashion unless you knew life before TD. They truly took one heck of a chance in what they did and it worked and they stuck to what they wanted to do. They have been awarded MBEs and I am so pleased for them, earlier this year they were awarded Accessories Business of the Year - they've been recognised as jewellers by 'Professional Jewellers' and I can't imagine what next. I can't think of a single high street or in fact online accessories retailer that hasn't been influenced or benefited from Tatty Devine being the brand that it is.

Harriet and Rosie, I salute you you are an inspiration. Thank you.

I have two name necklaces and could have about 15 more, I don't like jewellery (yes I know I spent three years designing and making it but that only put me off it more) and the only things that I wear are Tatty Devine.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

My 'New' China

Here you go - first eager phone shots as soon as my new china came out of the box! I'm very excited about 'It's Just Capital' (you do have to have Bing Crosby a la High Society in your head while you say it or it doesn't work - not asking much am I?)
And as you can imagine, yes there is more coming to this collection very soon.... it does make me think Christmas!
St Pauls Cathedral shop are the first stockists and will be on the shelves very soon. And for any Mary Poppins fans there's also a couple of rather supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pieces, go see!

And as for Oranges & Lemons, well I've responded to those that have asked and side plates and sugar bowls are now available!

 More new things on there way, in Wish You Were Here the overnight bag had a great reaction when I did use it and survived an Easy Jet flight. The overnighter is made to order at £45 for a limited time if you contact me direct. It's lined, has 2 internal slip pockets a woven strap, handles and a black zip (not white as on the sample)