What Do You Want, A Medal?

Moons ago when I'd just finished studying jewellery at Central St Martins and being told a ring is only a ring if you can fit a glove over it two still then students were making jewellery out of plectrums and plastic bits and pieces - the ladies were Rosie and Harriet who created Tatty Devine. I'd spent three years at college trying to use different materials and plastic figures and getting my wrists slapped over it, so you can imagine my jealousy when Tatty Devine pieces were selling from Brick Lane and getting good press.

I don't think anyone can really see the contribution that Tatty Devine has made to design and fashion unless you knew life before TD. They truly took one heck of a chance in what they did and it worked and they stuck to what they wanted to do. They have been awarded MBEs and I am so pleased for them, earlier this year they were awarded Accessories Business of the Year - they've been recognised as jewellers by 'Professional Jewellers' and I can't imagine what next. I can't think of a single high street or in fact online accessories retailer that hasn't been influenced or benefited from Tatty Devine being the brand that it is.

Harriet and Rosie, I salute you you are an inspiration. Thank you.

I have two name necklaces and could have about 15 more, I don't like jewellery (yes I know I spent three years designing and making it but that only put me off it more) and the only things that I wear are Tatty Devine.


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