Croydon Crazy

You can take the girl out of Croydon, but you can't take Croydon out of the girl and she'll be back again ..... story of my life!

I have a love hate relationship with my home town, the hate part is the reputation it gets, the people that live in Croydon but insist they don't (ahem, Purley, Coulsdonites we mean you) and that TK Maxx in the centre has gone. Other than that it's a big place with lots of different 'nice' yes nice parts and even lovely parts! We're stuck here so no moaning about it please - although yes I think moaning about the council closing the arts centre and doing nothing with the Clocktower is allowed.

With it being Heritage week round these parts, the Food Festival that was last weekend - that was good! honestly and Wandle Park reopening festival (I shall be selling there so bring your pennies) coming up it seemed a good time to launch.....

Croydon cards are available from the visitor centre next to East Croydon Station and the tape shall be online at £3 for a limited time 


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