Now he is 6....

Toby's birthday also means the start of Tobyboo so what's the year been like for the the real Toby boo?
Well, Toby has mostly been making lego creations, reading Rainbow Fairy books and carrying on with his Carole Vorderman style maths head. The cake for birthday number 6...? well he gave me a choice one of which was a maths cake with heaps of sums each equalled 6, a London one or the Eiffel Tower... in case you can't tell I went for the Eiffel Tower. He was happy.

Children's parties end up like weddings, the guest list causes as many problems. The location, the entertainment, the cake - you get wedding headache from it!

Siblings are like the plus ones that your friends insist that "they're the one" so please squeeze them in and then they split up at the wedding - you feel you have to invite them. Toby's obviously friends with some "plus ones" but not all and when you're on a tight budget you can't exactly invite everyone especially when it doesn't go 2 ways as he's an only child.  There were 17 at his Stuff a Bear party (Dave said about 6 or 8)

Things I have learnt for next year:
1) don't have a party
2) if number 1 has been forgotten then don't have more than 8 children (just like daddy did say) 
3) think of your own child not others.
4) don't do an Empire State building cake even if he begs.
5) so long as he enjoys his day nothing else matters.

Things Build a Bear Workshop need to do:
1) when you start the party can you let the adults know so they don't just think they're kids have gone off.
2) make sure the children and the big people understand about the whole "what bear can they have"
3) when you decide to play hide and seek could you please a) tell the kids not to go out of the shop and b) have a member of staff on the door in case they don't listen to (a)

Happy Birthday miracle boy Boy - 7 years in the making and 6 years of being here.


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