Maizeltastic part 2

Ok so I have gone on about these being genius but they really are, Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters. Between the boy and I we have used them for holes but the other day Toby received an envelope and out came a gasp of amazement and Jennie's Clothes Plasters! With a trip to Disneyland looming and a packet of plain white t shirts what's a mummy to do?

Toby set to work with his layouts....

Toby was a bit proud of making Tower Bridge out of 2 Big Ben's and a rainbow...

This he named "Pixar" (?!)

"THANK YOU JENNIE" says the boy

Dear Selfridges please, please have a Pic n' Mix bar of Jennies Clothes Plasters in Women on the ground would be Maizeltastic - non?


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