Forget Me Not

Every now and again you come across a designer maker that is not only a very lovely person but their work is just faultless.

I first met Rebekah after admiring her work on Etsy, last year at We Make London, Chelsea Town Hall. Her hand embroidery is exquisite. The World of Forgotten Stitches couldn't be more memorable, the characters that Rebekah brings to life are beautiful. She is a hidden gem that looks like she just stepped out of the 40's.

If you haven't seen her work I urge you to go and click or even better go to one of the Christmas fairs that no doubt she'll be putting some sparkle into.


  1. The nicest words, I really am so touched, thank you! Just the one fair for me this Christmas (I'm slightly hanging up my craft fair shoes) but I shall be at The Crafty Fox Market on the 8th! x x


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