Yes, the day of my first scary trade show arrived and I was ready with outfits made of tea towels and cushion covers. The standard was stupidly high and I felt like the new girl at school but was well looked after. The list of what and who I liked to be honest would be way too long. Not only did it give me the chance to make new customers it also meant I got to meet other designers that I'd normally only get to tweet; the very inspirational giant swan decorator herself Beccy from Dots and Spots stopped by, Gabrielle from The Green Gables and some rather lovely followers on twitter and Facebook that I got to put a face to. 

 Slightly shocked to see my words HUGE size on the side of the Mary Portas stand. The rather marvellous Peter Cross gave a great talk to retailers that was pretty much aimed at all of us and was very shocked to hear him not only mention me but say incredible things about The Boo - I am indeed still blushing of course I will have no hesitation to write up exactly what he said as soon as I get a transcript!
 Toby tries to steal mr bears cakes from the ever talented Jimbob (soon to take over the world) Art
 My lovely neighbours who put up with my nonsense for the few days really made it for me and I felt so lucky to have ....
 Mary had a little lamb - sorry Mary Kilvert
 Made with Love by Mrs Booth (who you can just about see peeking though) and Somerset Scarves who kept me very entertained though out. 
All in all a very marvellous time was had by all - exhausting and the big walking stick came out to help me cope but was so worth it and can't wait to do it all again next year.

I'm sure I'll remember more and want to post later but for now I want a foot rub, food and sleep please....


  1. Hi Tina
    Lovely to meet you at Pulse! As well as sorting out my wrapping paper display needs you were a very friendly neighbour to stand next to for three days. Hope it has all been a success, see you at the next one!
    Love from Mrs Booth x

  2. What a beautiful display of Tobyboo awesomeness!!
    HUGE congrats my dear!! I'm so thrilled! :)

    Eloise xx


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