Crawford and Cairns

Yesterday if you took at stroll near the River Thames you might have seen a new comedy double act that just so happened to be selling bleedin' marvellous stuff! Jenny Cairns and myself had such a fab time thanks to The Crafty Fox Market at the Thames Festival. 

Jenny is stupidly tall and I stupidly short we spent the majority of the time laughing, Jenny gave anyone that spoke to her the ins and outs of letterpress - her passion and enthusiasm charmed everyone - and she put up with me - the girl deserves a medal! 

Peek a Boo cards were on sale - 1960's nudey girlie cards that with the help of a clear layer overlay and a dress they were made decent but flip it up and *ahem* there was no avoiding breastage and bits! A big thank you to Mrs Cairns who did a sterling job and making sure everyone did get a peek!

 Oranges & Lemons tea towel framed in an IKEA frame - bargain art!

 Jennys badges and prints 

 Jennys t shirts that I read a bit wrong....

 the soldiers were back
 more badges - I got carried away with my maker


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