Oh I do like to be beside the sea side...

....well, sort of but was lovely to come home today! Tobyboo has been to Cornwall, staying in Hayle (*tumbleweed*) but visiting the much heard and gone on about St Ives and fantastic St Michaels Mount.  The trouble with gorgeous coastline is a) in bad weather its not much fun and b) you don't appreciate it after a while because you see so much of it - then you come home and look at the photos and go oooohhhhh look at that!

I stumbled across (and so happy to have) Poppy Treffry's shop! Yay! a hope for textile artists everywhere that would like to be doing it for something more than the love of. Just incredible to see "the brand" well done Poppy and team, I salute you!

And next to Poppy's shop was Birds of a Feather boutique owned by the very lovely Juliette - a fab eclectic mix of gorgeousness including Heart Zeenas birds (that Clive gets everywhere!) and Lisa Stickley to name my faves. Both shops are in The Old Drill Hall in St Ives and so worth getting off the beach for!

St Michaels Mount was a National Trust property I'd not heard of and was just amazing. It's got a magic road! Yes, yes you could say it's the tide and all that but as far as I'm concerned castle on a hill, get there by boat - go home by walking along the magic road..... magic! Where's your sense of adventure!?

oooohhh look water......

magic road!


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