Smarter than the average

Last week I had a commission that got me sooooo excited - a textured baby mat and the theme was sort of open. Hoorah! My tiny brain got ticking straight away and before I knew it grizzlies, mountains and eagles popped in; not surprising seeing as the second most amazing experience of mine and he who puts up with me was grizzly watching.

We went just before we were about to embark into IVF in 2006, so we were both stressed and worried and yet if anything helped Toby get here it was sitting in a boat for hours watching Freebie (the first grizzly we spotted) graze. We stayed in a floating lodge in the middle of absolute nowhere with 8 others in the Great Bear Rainforest, BC. To get there was an experience in itself - we were in Vancouver and from there flew to Port Hardy on the tip top of  Vancouver Island -then, possibly the most hideous bit, sea plane for about an hour to the lodge. Tom and Marg, whose baby it is, are just the most loveliest hosts ever and made us feel like we never wanted to leave.

Our few days were spent mainly in a boat; just us and one of the guides with our eyes wide open desperate to spot some brown fur. Most of the time we got excited over a log..... when we did spot them it was just incredible and we sat literally for hours watching. Our stay was only 3 nights and there were tears when we left - I hope we get to go again but even if we don't we'll never forget a second of it.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't find it amazing and if you are thinking of doing a grizzly watch then don't even bother to consider anywhere else but Tom & Marg at Great Bear Nature Tours

Oh yes, I was talking about the baby mat wasn't I? Well it's for a baby boy and has got lots of different textures such as soft furry fabrics, raggy bits, suede and corduroy so should keep him amused for a while. The image is a grizzly and eagle with their eyes on a jumping salmon (so that's your land, sea and air carried out!) Jessica, who commissioned it, came up with the genius idea of making a bag for it so you can take it all over the place and makes it even more of an heirloom piece.

I think it's safe to say that this is my favourite piece that I've made (haven't I said that before?!)


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