When Stanley met Sally

One thing that I'm really pleased with is my Christmas stockings - the sole makes them look really lovely standing   up, you fit more in and so far I still haven't seen anything like them and I think I know why.....they are a huge pain to make. My sister Sally told me last year to do something different and it was her size 5 boots that we drew around to make the pattern as a result those style stockings are now called the Sally stocking.

Sally is not to be confused with Stanley - no prizes for guessing that Stanley has no sole (no, not soul - this isn't Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Stocking form) and so Stanley is flat like - well - every other stocking out there.....except they are still one offs, still lovely using retro and reclaimed fabrics and still fully lined in well, rather gorgeous linings! Here be the first Stanley using retro style fabrics on toe and heal and a reddy herringbone tweed.


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