Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock....

It might be mid-August but the first of the Tobyboo stockings are already finished waiting for a good home......have you been a good girl or boy?
These are now available from Not On The Highstreet


  1. They are adorable - I love the toe pieces. Oh I want one - but sadly I have not been a very good girl - too many incomplete craft projects.


  2. ooh thank you - lovin' your blog!!

  3. tobyboo you are soooo far ahead of the game :-)

  4. now I know I totally ignored you when you gave me a blog award (sorry sorry sorry) but here's one for you ;-) http://niftyknits-somuchyarnsolittletime.blogspot.com/2009/08/eeeek-ive-been-given-award.html

    I am completely expecting you to throw it at me, so I'll go and hide behind the sofa.

    OOps, now you know where to find me.

  5. Lovely stockings! Its odd, isn't it, having to think about Christmas in August. I've just uploaded my Christmas cards on a hot and sunny day!


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