Room with a View

Ah, mother's day.....can anyone really be bothered? Yes of course you can!
So, I was playing around with ideas and desperately trying to think of ideas with marvellously clever puns etc - this didn't work.

The best I could do is a series of applique pictures called 'Watch with Mother' - as you can imagine I didn't look out the window with my mum and see moo cows, in fact I never looked out the window with her but it's a nice idea. More views coming soon, the boat one, the woodland one the one where you can see into your neighbour's house....(well maybe not)

Watch with Moo- ther (no, of course I couldn't resist) is listed now and even if I say so myself I think it's appliquerific!


  1. it's lovely, makes me want to get out my sewing machine and create.

  2. why thank you! go dust off your sewing machine and stitch!!


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