Build me an arky arky....

A lot of the time this week has been me lying on the sofa with a migraine but on the times of peeping out from under the blanket I kept staring at the mantle......that's so you can stare at it too (see, it's like an interactive blog!) on the far left is another of Hidden Eloise's marvellous prints and how I found her - do a search for sailor collar and your life can change! next to sailor girl is the crown I made on my jewellery degree.

Someone asked me (well Jules if you need names) why I did a jewellery degree when I don't wear or really like it (well to be fair I like some but it's not what most people would call jewellery) I think there's enough male womenswear designers out there that don't wear what they make to prove my point! Anyway, I think the crown says it all......don't think I would have done very well trying to convince the fashion world that crowns are the way to go.

Him up there is my Noah's Ark piece, please don't ask me to list (it was made in 1994), but trust me that its got an animal for each letter of the alphabet and most do something - nothing exciting - just a leg moving or tongue that pokes out - actually that's very exciting for a crown!

My head is now throbbing again so I'll be off to hide under the blanket - don't worry I'm not being a neglectful mother so put that phone down if you were thinking of calling social services - Toby's at nursery. I said put the phone down..!!


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