Our Cursed Child

The Toby in the Boo turned 9 this month, we celebrated by seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which I shall not mention except to say it 100% lives up to the hype! #keepthesecrets
JK Rowling got Toby through so much, he used to have night terrors and extreme misery, at 5 he started reading Harry Potter and didn't stop but the night terrors did and he felt like he had friends in the pages. His love of reading continues to grow.

I've been working on pieces inspired by our own cursed child. 
He's been through so much misery in the past and maybe its worse because he can express himself really well - the other week he said "I feel like I'm in an olympic race and someones put 100kg weights in my shoes". 
He is profoundly gifted and feels held back and trapped because he wants more challenging school work, I started doing this embroidery and explained to him about Bonsai trees how their roots are cut to stunt their growth. He liked the concept and said "if you feel like putting the roots wrapped round my neck I think it might be an idea" 
Bonsai Boy 2016
Too much crammed into one tiny brain (and I don't mean mine)

with huge thanks to Denise at Potential Plus UK and Lyn at Mensa - we are so grateful for your advice and help and to JK Rowling for helping a 5 year old find friends in books when he couldn't in the playground.


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