Dissing Dyslexia

A while ago I wrote a post about 'isms' and 'exias' while I was diagnosed dyslexic as a young adult I still maintain that I was just a lazy reader and things never got better. I got a few messages pointing out that I was just dyslexic and to stop giving reasons against - but in denial or not the fact that I have difficulties is completely tied together with my creativity. I couldn't read so my outlet for my imagination came out in drawing, now sewing. I withdrew as a teenager when all around me were my peers getting on at school and I just thought I was disorganised - I thew myself into art as a result.

During my art degree I had panic attacks hearing there was a dissertation to do - and I found I had a voice, a speaking one all I had to to was write as if I was saying it - and the subject? Teenage fans, I got to research Take That fans it ended up in being my favourite part of the three years. By absorbing myself into art, it filtered to picking a subject I could have fun with and got to play with rather than write.

Jim Rokos the brains behind Rokos is so passionate about how his dyslexia has effected him positively that Dyslexic Design has been born, a collective of fellow creative types all suffering from 'reading this is doing my head in'.

I strongly feel that not knowing as a child helped me, I did feel thick - and still hold my hand up that I am but by feeling that it gave me more fire to use my brain in a different way. If someone diagnosed me at 10 I would have used it as an excuse to not to anything - I never would have had the determination to make art work for me.

There are positives to blips in our make up, we live in a world trying to iron out differences. I became 'disabled' (another label I hate as most being just see wheelchairs) 16 years ago and am so grateful for it - its made me what I am, I never would have found my thread drawing I'd be working in TV with no external life trying to fit in. Blips are good, sometimes not fun but 100% the making of us.

Dyslexic Design will be exhibiting at Design Junction  this September.


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