Spotlight: Down House

 Less than 30 minutes away from London is the rather beautiful Down House, home and work place to Charles Darwin, father of evolution (although I'm sure I've come across people who think that goes to David Attenborough). With the excuse of going to see the Tobyboo range in the gift shop this morning had the perfect weather for it.

Photography isn't allowed in the house itself but as you can imagine it's a vision of Victorian curiosities, the staff there are truly passionate and knowledgeable - I had no idea about Chagas disease and might have missed the deadly bug in the case if it wasn't pointed out.  The garden was just amazing in this weather (as you read this today was the first and last day of British summer, still there's always next year)

Cafe check - yes it's a giant sausage roll

and the gift shop...?

The collection is exclusive to Down
Mini glass engraved decanter

Engraved glass paperweight with mayfly

Thank you to the staff at Down House. Down House is an English Heritage property in Downe, Kent.


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