A Local Show ....

As much as Croydon gets punched down it gets up just never as far as it was, consistently the joke of London my home town will forever be a concrete land of little taste and poor hair styles.

Well I'm proud to say that my first solo exhibition is in Croydon and (please don't think me big headed) it's worth the 15 mins from central London to visit.

The private view of An Unnatural History was last week at Rise Gallery, the bar was run by The Oval Tavern and the framing was Image all Croydon businesses who I couldn't thank more. I've dribbled on about Kevin and the Rise Gallery team before so I won't bore you again but I have to say just how marvellous Denise and Del at Image Framing have been.

At the show there were so many comments about the finish on the pieces, and that's down to them, Image don't just frame and do as they're asked they suggest alternatives and crikey what alternatives. We went in thinking plain frames were the best option but Denise had a glint in her eye and showed us more, Gothic style ornate finishes and heavy thick distressed bold outlines - Denise was so, so right.
Framing is 50% it can make or break a picture and more so when cloth is involved because the stretching or pinning is integral. My point is, don't just go for the cheapest framers, go for the ones that really sound like they know what they're talking about the likelihood is they'd be able to compliment your work better than you could.

Esther's team from my local The Oval were in charge of the bar, no one has a bad word to say about her or the tavern - she is one of the vital organs of Croydon.

My point is it felt like a real marriage of Croydonness coming together to present to everyone outside our concrete walls and that was a great feeling, this isn't a local show for local people this is one heck of an exhibition to show the rest of London and beyond. Go visit to see for yourself. An Unnatural History is on show till March 10th 

And to tease you here be a view pics of the evening...

Image, don't have a website their work is their reputation here be their details Whitgift Centre, East Croydon, Croydon CR0 1XB Phone:020 8680 9472

Thank you to Louise Gough Photography for some of her photos.


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