All I Want for Christmas is....

So it's that time of the year stress kicks in and everyone rushes around trying to please everyone else... I really wanted friends round, Toby just wants the 3 of us, Dave wants to be on his own... you get the picture. Meanwhile all my married friends have the "oh hell we're round at the outlaws this year".
The only way of (some) people having a good time at Christmas is to be selfish and yet we're flooded by "it's a time to think of others blah blah blah" well I do that every other day of the year so I figure that for 24 hours I can forget anyone outside of this house and think about us.
The reaction I've got from most people has been one of envy when I say its just the 3 of us, "we're off to my parents/her parents... I wish we didn't have to" well you don't.
Before we got married I had quite a few years of spending Christmas on my own, I got really pitiful reactions when some found out - actually I loved it I just lounged about in PJ's watching whatever rubbish I wanted and eating egg and chips. It's such a great feeling to have a guilt free day, spending every second panicking about work or something Christmas day is the one day that I can truly do nothing.
Having Toby made me realise the importance of family, our family the 3 of us creating our traditions you can't do that if you go to your parents or the inlaws you end up in doing what they do and obeying their rules, being on edge because its not the way you'd do things or reverting to a teenager because you're going backwards.... as much as I said it was selfish it's not because I'm thinking about our child and how that impacts on him.
If you find yourself being stressed this Christmas then make it your new years resolution to break the habit and do what you want to do and think about 'your family' wether it be your cat, partner, kids whatever, it's those that you need to consider and look after.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a self indulgent time!


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