Museum + Heritage Show 2015

This week I did exhibited at the Museum + Heritage trade show for the first time, I was hoping to show you photos from it ... then I realised I'd only taken photos of my own stand.  So this is all you get...

Gordon the Gorilla, Spike the fish and well... column

if only I had a pound for everyone that said "where can I get that mug and tea towel from?"

a museum A to Z - won't get you anywhere you know

close up of Spike

Column, still looks rude to me
The show is a two day event in Olympia, London and was lovely to see lots of exhibitors from similar events. It was quite busy, hot and expensive sandwiches and plug points for that matter only time will tell as to the results. 
The event also has an awards section for the museums (well and heritage) here be the winners on the Guardian site.


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