I can't believe its not Butterbeer!

Last nights activity was a Harry Potter night, yes a bit late for Harry Potter Book Night so Toby timetabled an entire precise evening dedicated to the lightening scar.
6-6.45pm wand combat, 6.45-7pm quiz, you get the idea up until 10.30.

(this be my wand he's trying to use it won't work for him though!)

One of the things we had to do was potions class to make Butterbeer - not sure what we'd come up with after tasting what they sell at Harry Potter Studios (it's as if they've never read the book). Amazingly, we did it! yes Butterbeer - the stuff the real stuff!! heated butterscotch topping bits, whisk till melted add cream soda and topped off by leaving a tiny drop of the liquid in the pan once pouring in a glass and whipping up marshmallows - try and spoon on top without licking half of them - that's it! I felt we struck gold.

might be in the right glass but warm Tizer just isn't Butterbeer Harry Potter Studio Tour!


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