It's all for Charity...

The rather talented Jenny Lockyer, musician, storyteller and we see her in the pub - has a charity single out for Christmas in aid of Shelter. If this weather doesn't make you think about people living without a roof over their heads I don't know what will. Jenny's passionate about the cause - and rather than thinking she's only gone and done something about it!

The single "Give it Away" (nowt to do with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) is available to listen to and download and all Jenny asks is if you possibly could donate that would be marvellous.

Now, there is a Toby link to all this. When the song was being recorded Jenny thought it might be good to have children as backing vocals on the chorus the trouble is getting the kids and for them to cooperate... well Toby was the one that did but him alone does not make much of a choir so she decided to go with the original version - which is marvellous.... go blinkin listen!

Jenny Lockyer with a teeny bit of help from Toby


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