Summer in the City

The summer holidays are upon us and so is the need to find as many free things to do as possible, this weeks spot was Archikids Festival more than anything its not that easy to say but what a find! Dotted around London (main spots being 30 St Mary's Axe, Broadgate, St Paul's and Leadenhall were fantastic creative activities for kids (half the adults were getting in on the act!). It was like Open House but for children.

Our first stop was the top of One New Change where drawing the skyline on transparent was the aim... hmmm I think I know this one.....!

(no, not like this!)

More like this

Next stop was the Gherkin, they had a Lego Gherkin being built and a sculpture to create! For the sculpture, the kids each had a windowed piece of card with slots and acetate to draw on, there were no pens when we got there so Toby decided to draw with the blue tape they had - genius! He did it all by himself and it stood out over the sea of faint drawn ones.

Yes, he was impressed!

It's like "Say Anything" (can't you just hear Peter Gabriel playing)

It's the Gherkin, see?

We also got a chance to spot the book benches with a cry of "where's the Harry Potter one?" each time and "What?! there isn't one!" I know I witter on about London a lot but they do so much for families (to be honest you really didn't need a kid to enjoy this one) how could I not?! Too many parents harp on about going to the coast and the country but they're missing so much that's happening half the time. Thank you London, you are rather marvellous and so much more entertaining than than pebbles! 


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