Girls and Boys

I love these baby grows from the fantastic Twisted Twee and yes of course Toby had the top version when he was 1!

I never played with dolls when I was smaller than I am (or at least can't remember) cuddly toys yes, so when Toby said he wanted the Anna from Frozen doll I did have to ask why what do you do with them. Turns out you look up their skirt on a packed train then yell "what?! It's made in China!!" still at least he entertained the carriage. 

Yes, I'm worried about the reaction he'll get from his friends but he's happy, singing soundtracks loudly and ballet makes him happy, reading fairy books makes him crazy happy - friends "not being sensible" as he puts it makes him very sad. (in other words could grown ups please grow up and stop being so pathetic about gender stereotyping so the kids around you don't act the same) I know I've gone on before on this so sorry, I forget that sometimes someone else might read these thoughts in my head. 

We went to the Disney malarkey in Harrods today they've got a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a very expensive make over experience. For girls, well let me see there's Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and... well you get the idea - to choose from for boys - 'a knight'. The woman did say they have quite a few boys that have had the princess experience. Made me wonder why in the shop bit the sales assistant said (after Toby chose the doll) "we are getting a boys section soon, you know Iron Man, Star Wars.... " I had to stop him and say - well he's fine with what he's fine with what he's got and why anyone would let a 6 year old watch Iron Man is any ones guess. 

We get a lot of "mummy, the boys at school watch things like that" I said did you want to watch Spider Man or whatever he says, "no", that's that then. 


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