Saturday, 23 November 2013

Who? Me?

Being the little sister of a Dr Who obsessed brother at school he was known as the Doctor because of knotting school scarves together. (his favourite Doctor - Sylvester McCoy - eh?)
The Cybermen scared the life out of me -  not on the screen but when I saw one at a Dr Who exhibition in Blackpool and I fancied the Dalek.
Enough of that me thinks, here's a bit of a Whovien inspired selection seeing as well, todays the day n all...

Bow Tie by Cleo Ferin Mercury from the Museum of London

Thursday, 21 November 2013

John Lewis

I'm well and truly chuffed, yesterday I went into the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis and saw my work in there; Toby was with me who was just as excited.
You can be stocked in a lot of places but there are some more than others that get the 'wow' reaction.
I think I can say from mothers everywhere John Lewis gets the salute!

EXCLUSIVE tape and fine bone china mugs

oh yes - magnets


A very proud Toby

Friday, 8 November 2013

Pet Corner

If I ever take a photo of your pet there might be a reason....

Logan the Ridgeback

Nugget the hen

well, I ever got your name... but it was nice seeing you at London Zoo

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'allo John Gotta New....

...supplier? Yes John Lewis I'm on about. Starting with a tad of the Capital...

The range will be in the Oxford Street branch very soon

and yet again 'me lovely photography is by Kellie Spicknell

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Animal Magic (2)

Monopoly crazed woman and well dressed friend Elizabeth from Mountain and Molehill has left her saucy pin up girls behind and come up with some rather lovely prints. Created from old animal etchings she's brought them to life with Penguin Parades, Stag nights and personalised pieces for weddings and names.

Animal alphabet! ah yes.... this I know about. In case you missed my jabbering before I went on about my jewellery pieces when I did my degree back in (ahem) well let's just say I know way too many people that were only just born then. 
The major piece was a Noah's Ark crown with an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Very toy like I made it so things moved or went up and down and some of the animals were hidden so you had to find them.
 So obviously I love Mountain and Molehills new creations! Well done Elizabeth, keep up the good work!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Last Chance for Less

Last day of the pop up shop Saturday 2nd
open 1-6pm (email for earlier)
Here be some of the deals just in time to stock up for Christmas!

Oranges & Lemons tea set £240 £150 (6 x tea cups, 1 teapot)

Gull n Chips jug £30 £20

Reversible bag £55 £40

Gull n Chips apron £25 £15

Animal Kingdom linen cushions £55 £45 (each)